Problems with insomnia? Better laugh it off!

No, we are not telling you to forget your problems with insomnia and not make a big deal of it: resting well and for the time necessary to our body for a complete regeneration is the first step towards a healthy lifestyle.

Problems with insomnia? Better laugh it off!

However, it appears that a good laugh before going to sleep is an excellent cure against your problems with insomnia! Find out how!

The beneficial power of a good laugh!

When we laugh, our body immediately begins to release endorphins in the blood, the hormone that regulates good humor; blood pressure decreases while oxygenation increases. This is why it has repeatedly been demonstrated how laughing, even forcibly, can be of great help.

The so-called “Laughter Therapy” is based precisely on these studies and is used by psychologists to cope with stress or even trauma problems.

A Californian psychologist, Annette Goodheart, published a book back in 2006 which talked about the use of stimulated laughter in a voluntary way to obtain immediate relief from repressed or negative emotions.

Laughing is good for your night's sleep...

The release of endorphins in the blood immediately decreases stress and anxiety built up after a day of work or study.

Furthermore, the production of melatonin, the hormone that regulates our sleep-wake cycle, is also increased!

… and not only!

A good laugh not only helps to counteract stress hormones and produce more melatonin: even the HGH hormone (essential in the anti-aging process) is released in greater quantities in our body.

In short, laughing helps us keep young, sleep better and feel less stressed!

And don’t forget that laughter is contagious, so, technically, you also do good to others when you burst into laughter!

The answer to everyday stress and our problems with insomnia can be simple

Resting on a bed system designed especially for you, sticking to the same hours as much as possible every evening and morning, limiting caffeine and not using your smartphone right before bedtime, are essential starting points for ensuring a healthy rest.

And then, whether it is spontaneous or “self-induced”, in any case, have a good laugh tonight!

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