Lucid dreams: ever heard of them?

Have you ever met an oneironaut? Or have you ever experienced the sensation of lucid dreaming?

Lucid dreams: ever heard of them?

A topic which is still today subject of discussion for psychologists worldwide. Let’s discover together who oneironauts are and what extraordinary powers they have!

“Lucid dream”: the awareness of dreaming

The term lucid dream was coined for the first time by a psychiatrist of Dutch origin named Frederik van Eeden, who lived between the late 1800s and early 1900s.

An oneironaut is someone who is able to explore and even, in some cases, to rule his or her own dream, consciously choosing how to act.

Look for the right signs

According to the most tenacious supporters and active oneironauts, the first step in learning how to rule your own dreams is to realize that you are actually dreaming.

This is why you have to take note of what you have dreamed as soon as you wake up: even the smallest detail is fundamental.

It is therefore possible to realize that there are some recurring elements which help us understand that we are dreaming: clocks that never work and mirrors that don’t accurately reflect our image.

Why do oneironauts exist?

Nowadays there is a very vast body of literature regarding lucid dreams thanks to the spread of blogs and websites that treat this topic very specifically.

However, the ability to become aware that you are dreaming has no ulterior motive other than to live a very peculiar experience, and maybe also a bit disturbing for those who decide to experience it.

No more bad dreams?

The discussion about the actual ability to be able to experience lucid dreams is still ongoing, but it would certainly be very useful and also nice to be able to pick only pleasant dreams and relax every night!

Be aware of your choices… At least when you’re awake!

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