5 natural ways to produce more melatonin and sleep better!

We all know about the famous hormone which regulates sleep: melatonin. We are very often recommended melatonin supplements in case of insomnia or to get over jet lags.

5 Natural Ways to Produce More Melatonin and Sleep Better!

But melatonin is produced naturally by our body and thanks to our 5 natural methods, your body will soon be able to produce more!

1. An aid from minerals

One of the easiest ways to increase the production of melatonin in our system is to rely on foods and drinks that are rich in magnesium: almonds, avocado and spinach, for example, are full!

Melatonin natural methods: an aid from minerals

2. A sunbath

Especially during the winter, we often don’t realize that we run the risk of never exposing our body to sunlight: we step in our office when the sun isn’t still high, and we go out when it’s already night.

Melatonin natural methods: a sunbath

Sunlight is fundamental to adjust the production of melatonin and also strengthen our bones.

All we need is 10 minutes a day under the sun to ensure an increasing production of melatonin during the evening!

3. Tropical fruit

Pineapples, bananas and also oranges represent natural sources of melatonin. According to a recent study, it appears that the level of melatonin contained in our blood, reaches its maximum limit 2 hours after having eaten these fruits. Try it out!

Melatonin natural methods: tropical fruit

4. Cherries

We already talked about this a while ago, cherries are the most melatonin-rich food! Unfortunately we can eat cherries only a few days a year, but when time comes, don’t miss the opportunity to improve your rest!

Melatonin natural methods: cherries

5. Low lights and no screens

Exposing our body to the artificial light of a screen, compromises the quality of our rest.

Low lights and no screens

Around dinner time we should already start using softer lights and, at least an hour before bedtime, turn all screens off: televisions, tablets and smartphones are strictly prohibited!

Learn to sleep well and improve your quality of life

Our body needs to rest well each night in order to recharge and give its best during the day. Developing good resting habits has a huge impact on our body and well-being.

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