Warning: children who use touch screens sleep badly!

A recent study has shown how the daily use of electronic devices such as tablets and smartphones can affect children’s rest.

Warning: children who use touch screens sleep badly!

Only a few minutes of use per day are sufficient to compromise a child’s rest. Find out more in this article!

The risks run by the “digital generation”

There is a lot of discussion regarding the influence that electronic devices have on our lives, but the ever-expanding use of tablets and smartphones doesn’t involve only adults.

The opportunities brought by new means of communication are incredible, but there are many dangers from which we can defend ourselves.

Among these, the dangers connected to children’s sleep starting from the early age: in fact, even after just a few months from birth, children know where to “lay their hands” on a screen!

Statistics on using digital devices!

A study published by the scientific magazine Pediatrics has shown the following:

  • 44% of children aged less than 1 year, use a mobile device at least once a day;
  • At the age of 2 the percentage of children using smartphones or tablets daily to play or watch cartoons with rises to 77%;
  • From the age of 4 and up, half of them have their own device.

And the most alarming information is that 30% of parents use a mobile device to put them to sleep!

15 minutes of sleep lost for every hour spent in front of a touch screen!

It may not seem a lot if we think that a child sleeps on average 10/12 hours a day, but especially at an early age, every hour of rest is essential for a healthy growth.

So yes, you can use tablets and other devices to develop their cognitive skills, but very frugally.

Never in the evening and always under our control

As with adults, even children shouldn’t be in front of any kind of screen for a couple of hours before bedtime.

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