Morpheus: Meet the God of Sleep!

Falling into the arms of Morpheus: When we are tired and we fall asleep into the bed, at that precise moment, we are captured by him and his dreams.

Morpheus: Meet the God of Sleep!

Morpheus takes care of our dreams, especially those beautiful dreams! Instead, one of his two brothers is blame for our nightmares! Find out more about it in this article!

Who Is Morpheus?

Usually he is referred as the god of sleep and dreams: His name appears for the very first time in Ovid’s epic poem “Metamorphoses”, as the son of the night’s god.

He takes his name from the Greek word morphe, that means “shape”, because he takes the form of people who appear to us in the dreams.

Poppies For Dreaming

Morpheus with his wings flies fast, he silently approaches to us and gently wipes some poppies flowers on our eyes, in order to give us those realistic illusions we call dreams.

Phobetor and Phantasos, the “Spiteful” Brothers

However, the 2 brothers of Morpheus are responsible for other realistic illusions:

  • Phantasos is almost omnipresent in every dream, because he brings up in our minds landscapes and inanimate objects, the most illogical and crazy things of our dreams. The word “fantasy” comes from the name of this deity!
  • Phobetor is the worst! In fact, he is responsible to bring up in our dreams animal figures, which are not exactly kittens and puppies, but beasts and scary monsters. For this reason Phobetor is considered the father of our nightmares!

“Sweet Sleep, To Whom Both Men and God All Bow”

Many authors wrote about Morpheus, since he officially became the god of sleep.

However, already Homer in Iliad reminded us that all men (and also gods) have to bow themselves to the need of rest, falling asleep in the Oniro’s arms…

Give Yourself Sweet Dreams!

If you don’t want to meet Phobetor during the night, be sure to sleep on a bed system suitable for you, in this way your body and your mind will be able to have a restful sleep!

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Written by Manifattura Falomo – Marketing Office

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