5 Fun Facts About Naps That Certainly You Didn’t Know!

Have ever happened to you falling asleep during the day? For some of us this is like a rite, for others a necessity dictated by occasions!

5 Fun Facts About Naps That Certainly You Didn’t Know!

In any case, no one can escape to sleep! Do you know that the nap is not always the same? Actually we have 5 different types of naps! And have you ever heard about the “Nap National Day”? If you can’t wait to know these and other curious facts about napping, do not miss this article!

1) The 5 Types Of “Nap”

5 different naps types have been identified depending on their duration:

  • Nano-Nap: It’s the kind of nap you can easily get, for example, when you fall asleep during a train or subway trip, only few seconds, more or less 10!
  • Micro Nap: Also in this case it’s like a “sleep attack”, like the first one. But this is a longer nap, from 2 to 5 minutes.
  • Original Power Nap: This is the ultimate nap, the one you get on the couch and that takes more or less 20/30 minutes, with extraordinary benefits for more of us.
  • Lazy Nap: The last one is almost a real “sleep”. In fact, this category means a nap of 50/90 minutes. It’s also the only kind of naps that allow us to reach the REM stage.

2) Celebrate the National Napping Day!

It’s not a National Holiday, but why we should not celebrate this day with a special nap? The next March 14th remember the National Napping Day that celebrate the afternoon nap!

3) Are You a Racing “Napper”?

So why do you not participate in the National Siesta Championship which takes place every year in Madrid? The best one will take €1000, just sleeping!

4) Afternoon Nap, an Ancient Habit!

Did you know that ancient Roman considered the nap after eating not only a necessity but also an elegance form? In fact only the nobles and rich people could indulge in this kind of luxury.

5) Rite Without Frontiers

In some countries such as Serbia or Slovenia, especially among older people, there is an unwritten rule that invites you to not call or visit people between 2pm and 5pm, because it’s assumed that people are resting! Moreover, in Japan some officers have special rooms where they employers can enjoy a nap during the lunch break.

6) Famous Naps

Who would have though it? Also famous personality took their naps to recharge energy! Napoleon, who legend says he slept just few hours during the night, did not disdain to take naps during his conquest campaign, even riding his horse! Great geniuses as Da Vinci and Einstein took a nap during the day! By doing naps, they were convinced to make the most of their mind! Actually Einstein wanted pen and paper next to him when he was sleeping, to write his brilliant ideas that he had even in his sleep! However in more recent times, illustrious names like Churchill, Margaret Thatcher and Bill Clinton like doze off to recharge their batteries!

What About You? Are You a Lover Or Not Of the Nap?

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Written by Manifattura Falomo – Marketing Office


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