Newborn baby sleep: all the tips for a safe and sound rest!

A healthy life starts from early childhood and sleep is essential for your baby’s development, both from a physical and psychological point of view.

Newborn baby sleep: all the tips for a safe and sound rest!

But what can we do to ensure the best rest for little ones? Let’s find out together!

Where should your baby boy or girl sleep?

Let’s start with the first dilemma since there are various options and opinions and no one-size-fits-all rule. Some parents choose to have their baby sleep in the master bed, while others prefer a separate room or opt for a bedside crib, also known as “next to me”.

Baby pillow: is it necessary?

We have to point out that babies do not need a pillow during their first months, and indeed, it can be dangerous. Only in the event of regurgitation or reflux, tilting the mattress slightly upwards may be helpful.

Babies and the proper sleeping position

That’s right: sleeping position. There is only one recommended position for newborn babies and it’s belly up. As demonstrated by numerous studies and confirmed by specialists, sleeping on the back is the only position that significantly reduces the risk of suffocation during sleep.

Crib bedding

When buying crib sheets, look out for natural materials and dyes. Moreover, make sure to tuck in sheets and blanket firmly under the mattress. Since it’s recommended not to overdress your baby, not even in winter, in some cases, a tiny sleeping bag, also called a “swaddle blanket” may be helpful.

The ideal temperature for the baby’s room

The ideal temperature to keep in the baby’s room is 20°C. Plus, always go for cotton or at most chenille clothing, and be careful not to place the crib or cot right next to a radiator. Lastly, the baby’s room should have a large window to ensure good daily ventilation.

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