Nighttime back ache? Find out why and how to get over it for a better sleep!

Do you happen to often wake up during the night because of pain in the lumbar or dorsal area?

Nighttime back ache? Find out why and how to get over it for a better sleep!

For most back-related disorders, night rest provides relief to the spine; in other cases, however, pain increases just by lying in bed. Let’s discover together why!

When sleep becomes a problem!

Our body needs a good night’s rest in order to recharge, relax and heal itself before facing a new day.

Waking up at night because of back pain can affect the quality, not only of our rest, but also of our lives.

Identify the causes of back aches!

First of all it is important to understand whether the pain occurs only at night or also during the day. The main problems connected to our back are related to an unhealthy posture assumed during the day.

Frequent breaks and stretching

Whether you have a physically demanding job, or spend eight hours a day sitting at a desk, the important thing is to act in order to give your back as much relief as possible: frequent breaks and stretching exercises can help a lot!

Find the right solution for you!

Talk to your doctor who will know which advice to give you on any medical exams and in the meantime try out a few tips:

  • Yoga exercises are perfect for relieving pressure on your back;
  • also a good massage, performed by a professional, gives great relief;
  • heating pads are perfect for loosening stiff joints, while ice is recommended in case of swelling;
  • in case of back pain, the best position for sleeping is on the side, with a pillow placed between slightly bent legs in order to keep hips, pelvis and spine aligned.

And what about your bed system?

Before becoming too alarmed, find out if the bed system you’ve chosen suits your body features: back aches, especially if they occur only overnight, can simply be caused by a wrong mattress, pillow or bed base.

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