Diabetes and Obesity: A Badly Sleep Can Damage Your Genes-Expression!

Sleep is an essential tool for living a better and healthy life.

Diabetes and Obesity: A Badly Sleep Can Damage Your Genes-Expression!

Find out how a bad rest can have serious consequences on your genome!

A recent research has shown that...

...Sleeping Less Can Damage the Expression Of Your Genes!

Sleeping for a insufficient time to rest and recharge our body can have important physiological consequences: A research of the University of Surrey in England has shown that the reduction of sleeping time changes our genetic expression, that means changing the behavior of our DNA.

If You Sleep Lesser Than 5 Hours Per Night, You Risk More!

People who sleep lesser than 5 hours risk to suffer from obesity and diabetes more than people who sleep more than 7 hours per night!

The Experiment of Professor Derk-Jan Dijk & His Team

After selecting 26 volunteers between 23 and 31 years old who use to sleep an average 8 hours every night, they were allowed to sleep some nights more than 7 hours, other nights lesser than 5 hours.

Meanwhile, some tests were performed to examine their transcriptome, represented by all the messenger-RNA in the blood.

Less Concentrated and Slower

The results oh this experiment are clear: A sleep shorter than 6 hours per night causes bad results in behavioral tests such as cognitive tests and reaction time tests.

The same genes regulates metabolism and thus could lead to the emergence of disease like diabetes and obesity.

But That’s Not All!

These genes regulates also our inflammatory response, control the stress, aging, and our circadian sleep-awake rhythm.

Do Not Underestimate the Importance Of Your Sleep!

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