Can fragrances help us sleep better? Yes, here’s why!

Perfumes play an important role in our daytime and nighttime lives.

Can fragrances help us sleep better? Yes, here’s why!

They have the power to capture our attention, evoke memories, and even affect our mood. But how can they influence our sleep?

The connection between scents and sleep quality

Recent research has shown how sleep is affected by the sense of smell, but not only that. Smell itself is also affected by sleep.

Some fragrances seem to improve the quality of rest, as they promote body relaxation, which is essential for falling asleep quickly and waking up more rested in the morning.

As early as 2009, research conducted in Germany by scientist Boris Stuck of the Mannheim Hospital Polyclinic revealed the clear link between smell and sleep quality.

The experiment featured 2 groups of people: the first had a pleasantly scented bedroom night after night; the other had a bedroom scented with unpleasant odors. In the morning, the researchers asked them to talk about their dreams and emotionally label them as negative or positive. And here, the finding became clear: dreams were described as positive when the individuals slept in a pleasant aroma and negative when, on the other hand, they inhaled more unpleasant odors while sleeping.

Aromatherapy and healthy sleep

By using essential oilsaromatherapy aims to give the body and mind a state of well-being.

Researchers in South Korea have discovered how aromatherapy improves sleep quality and reduces stress and fatigue in adults and older people.

Falling asleep surrounded by scents

Cleanscented sheets can give us a sense of inner calm, paving the way for restful sleep.

Benefits perfumes

Perfume to wake up with the right energy

While a subtle scent can help us relax, room fragrances stimulate our senses and set us up for the day.

Crisp and familiar scents can act as an energy boost that entices us to get out of bed with enthusiasm and fight morning drowsiness.

From scents to the mattress that cradles our dreams

Choosing the right mattress can make the difference between a night of disturbed sleep and a night of deep, restful sleep. Choose the ideal mattress for your needs and rediscover the pleasure of “Healthy Sleep”!

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