Here’s how your personality can influence your rest!

We have heard many times about how the position in which we sleep can reveal our personality; but a recent American study has highlighted that, on the contrary, it is our way of behaving during the day that influences the quality of our rest.

Here’s how your personality can influence your rest!

Find out now if your sleeping problems are linked to your way of relating to the world around you!

Research results

Do you happen to have a lot of nightmares? Do you often suffer from insomnia? Sometimes the cause of sleep disorders is not related to external factors but to much more internal aspects!

The research carried out by an American company has highlighted how, for example, more or less extroverted attitudes have an important influence on the quality of our rest.

Introvert or extrovert?

According to experts, extrovert people are less likely to have nightmares at night and, moreover, they tend to be much more lively in the morning, especially because they suffer less from insomnia than introverts.

Intuition or sensation?

Do you rely on your intellect when there’s a decision to make or do you listen to your feelings? In this case, the latter “win”, they rely more on what they feel, and they manage to maintain a higher level of energy during the day.

Broad-minded or too critical?

Be careful because if you are inclined to behave in a too “critical” way with others, your nights will be much more turbulent, with more frequent episodes of insomnia!

A perfect rest for everyone!

Sleeping well is fundamental for a healthy lifestyle. This is why you have to do your best to guarantee yourself a restful night.

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