Pistachios: tasteful, healthy, and “relaxing”!

Did you know that more and more people treat insomnia with sleep aids?

Pistachios: tasteful, healthy, and “relaxing”!

But what if we head to supermarkets for a natural sleeping remedy instead of going to drug stores?

Our pineal gland produces melatonin, an essential substance that counteracts insomnia and regulates sleep. Insomniacs often use melatonin supplements to make up for the lack of sleep and that’s why melatonin is also called the “good night hormone”.

Pistachios: a natural sleep aid

We just added pistachios to our list of natural remedies that regulate the sleep-wake cycle. That’s right! These nuts contain significant amounts of melatonin, as confirmed by research conducted at the Lousiana State University.

Good to… enjoy!

Besides being a good source of melatonin in much higher quantities than most fruits, vegetables, cereals, legumes, and seeds, pistachios also offer a wide variety of vitamins and antioxidants for our general well-being.

In the study conducted by Dr. Losso at the Lousiana State University, melatonin was extracted in large quantities from both raw and roasted pistachios. But there’s more! The researcher also found that these fruits contain particular phenolics that reduce the breakdown of tryptophan so that it is converted into melatonin. In fact, tryptophan can actually delay sleep onset, its duration, and quality.

The further goodness of pistachios

Besides regulating our biological clock, pistachios have other important benefits for our health:

  • They lower cholesterol
  • They improve eye health
  • They protect our nervous system
  • They reduce aging

How to include pistachios in your diet?

Pistachios can be an excellent and healthy afternoon or evening snack, but that’s not all! Use them sprinkled over a salad, added to bread dough, or grounded onto fish or meat-based main courses.

A totally natural method against insomnia? Your mattress!

In addition to regulating your diet in a varied and healthy way, remember that choosing the right mattress also plays a very important role in determining the quality of your night’s rest. Find a mattress that best suits your physical features and resting needs!

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