Power Nap: all the benefits of a quick snooze!

Imagine being able to hit the “restart” button during the day to regain energy, focus, and wellness in just a few minute

Power Nap: all the benefits of a quick snooze

We’re talking about Power Naps, a fast and effective way to recharge your batteries!

What is a Power Nap?

A Power Nap is nothing more than a short rest we can indulge in during the day to boost our physical and mental energy.

It differs from traditional sleep because it’s shorter and has the specific goal of enhancing our daily productivity and effectiveness.

How do Power Naps work?

A Power Nap is highly beneficial for the body and mind. This quick break allows our brain to regenerate and recharge, thus increasing our productivity and improving our cognitive performance.

How long is a Power Nap?

What makes Power Naps so effective is their duration. While traditional sleep requires at least 90 minutes to complete a full cycle, Power Naps should last only 10 to 20 minutes, the ideal time to get the benefits of sleep without falling into so-called “sleep inertia”.

How and when to take a good Power Nap?

Experts recommend taking this “off time” at least 8 hours before bedtime to not compromise the quality of night sleep. For most people, this time corresponds with the early afternoon, in particular after lunch.

Power Nap: all the benefits of a quick snooze!

To make sure you get an uninterrupted and truly restorative Power Nap, it’s essential to pay attention to the environment you choose, therefore:

  1. Opt for a quiet place where you can quickly reach relaxation.
  2. Set your electronic devices in the “do not disturb” mode.
  3. If there’s too much light, wear an eye mask.
  4. Wear earplugs to avoid disturbing noises.
  5. Set an alarm clock so you don’t oversleep.
  6. Make sure you have a comfortable mattress and a proper pillow!

What are the benefits of a Power Nap? Any reason is good for a snooze!

The so many benefits associated with Power Naps make this habit truly appealing.

First of all, this brief rest refreshes the mind, thus optimizing our levels of concentration and productivity.

The positive effect of a Power Nap also extends to our mood. Indeed, a moment of relaxation in the midst of daily activities is an effective way to reduce stress and increase the energy needed to face challenges with vitality and brightness.

And, since this short nap allows us to disconnect from the daily hustle and bustle, it encourages the generation of new ideas and solutions.

Choose the best bed system for your nap!

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