Is it always a good idea to read before bedtime?

It’s one of the most common habits used to facilitate sleep, although in recent years it has been largely supplanted by other “social” habits which are very dangerous for a proper rest.

Is it always a good idea to read before bedtime?

Reading a book before going to sleep is surely a good idea for many reasons: it helps us to relax, it clears our minds from other thoughts and keeps us company even when we are forced to sleep away from home.

But be careful to choose the right book!

Paper books beat e-readers!

In recent years these handy electronic devices that allow to carry an entire library in your bag, have widely spread!

But when it comes to going to sleep, it’s best to avoid them: like any other electronic device, also e-readers can affect the quality of our night’s rest, altering the heart rhythm.

In addition to the e-reader’s artificial light which goes directly into our eyes, the temptation to “surf” using last generation e-readers would be too high!

Remove stress from your day!

Job, children, studies. We carry many concerns with us throughout the day until bedtime; and the worst risk is to find ourselves in bed “dwelling on” what we’ve done, what we have to do or on what we should have done!

These things don’t allow to sleep very well. That’s why a good book is the ideal solution for “hunting” all these thoughts away from your mind and falling asleep more easily!

Make the right choice!

We all have our own preferences but it’s certainly better to avoid books that can upset you too much and have an opposite effect on your brain, keeping you awake for too long!

Just as we read fairytales to children before bedtime to keep them away from bad dreams, we should carefully choose our readings to guarantee ourselves long and restoring nights, filled with sweet dreams.

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