Restless leg syndrome: symptoms and remedies for “Healthy Sleep”

Restless Leg Syndrome is one of the most common causes of nighttime awakenings that mainly affect women aged between 35 and 50.

Restless leg syndrome: symptoms and remedies for “Healthy Sleep”

But what are the symptoms and causes? How can they be prevented? Let’s find out!

Symptoms of Restless Legs Syndrome

Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) is a condition that affects the lower limbs when lying down. It causes uncomfortable feelings such as pain, crawling, prickling, cramps, and restlessness with the urgent need to move the legs. Generally, these discomforts cease only when changing position. However, this causes frequent awakenings and a great loss of quality sleep.

Restless leg syndrome and the link with insomnia

Restless Leg Syndrome tends to show up in particular stages of a woman’s life, such as pregnancy or menopause. If symptoms are tolerable during the day, at night, the situation worsens and severely disturbs sleep. This disorder shouldn’t be ignored as the lack of good sleep can turn into anxiety, mood swings, and even depression in the long term.

Iron deficiency: the leading cause

Low iron levels can promote the onset of restless legs syndrome. In fact, our brain needs this mineral to produce dopamine, the helpful substance for transmitting impulses from the central nervous system to the limbs to allow movement.

Simple remedies for restless leg syndrome

A few simple habits can undoubtedly ease the symptoms and provide instant relief for restless legs Here they are!

  • Have a short 10-minute walk before bed.
  • Take some time for simple stretching exercises that are very useful for preventing and relieving leg pain.
  • Have a hot bath before bedtime, perhaps with essential oils.
  • Sleep with a pillow placed between your knees to not compress the nerves.
  • Keep your legs slightly raised to promote circulation, perhaps by placing a pillow under your feet while you sleep on your back or by adjusting your reclinable bed base.

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