Holidays at the seaside? Discover all the benefits for your health!

When you think of summer holidays, do you see yourself by the sea, lying under a beach umbrella, reading a book?

Holidays at the seaside? Discover all the benefits for your health!

Well done, because the sea is actually a real “cocktail” of beneficial psychophysical properties. But do you know all the effects it has on your health? Discover them now in our article!

Vitamin D? Fill up!

Vitamin D is an essential substance for our body, but we are unlikely to satisfy our need through nutrition alone.

Sun-baths” allow our body to synthesize vitamin D, which is why spending time at sea is essential for keeping our bones strong, having healthy skin and improving our mental functions.

Sand: a natural cosmetic for healthy and radiant skin

Sand is an excellent natural scrub that promotes the elimination of dead cells, leaves the skin soft and encourages the renewal of the epidermis.

Besides, sea water is rich in magnesium, a substance with anti-inflammatory properties that helps fight dermatological disorders and improves skin elasticity. And not to mention, the mineral salts contained in sea water free the body from toxins, becoming a sort of “natural anti-age”.

Get rid of stress, depression, and anxiety!

The sea and the sun are powerful antidepressants and, in particular, the sound of the waves is a kind of beneficial“soundtrack” for our nervous system as it allows the release of dopamine and serotonin.

Moreover, walking on the shoreline triggers a series of emotional and sensorial reactions. The bottom of the foot is, in fact, one of the body parts that presents a higher concentration of nerve endings; for this reason, walking barefoot has a beneficial effect on the whole body, starting from the limbs and reaching the brain.

A “wake up call” for metabolism

The advantages of spending a few days at the sea can also be seen on the waist and legs. Walking barefoot on the sand and in the water up to the knees favors the drainage of liquids and reactivates circulation, thus awakening the metabolism.

Breathe deeply

The invigorating climate of the sea is particularly beneficial for the respiratory system of young and elder. The presence of iodine, magnesium and trace elements in the air and their natural inhalation, maintains bronchi and lungs in good health, frees the nose by eliminating allergens and pollutants and also activates the healing mechanisms of the body to fight conditions such as asthma or bronchitis.

“Color” your mind with blue

A study conducted in 2013 on 232 people from different parts of the world showed that blue is the favored color. According to color therapy, the blue color of the sea promotes serenity and calms the mind. Moreover, the sun helps the production of melatonin, the substance that regulates sleep.

Enjoy your holiday and give yourself a healthy rest!

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