5 tips for sleeping great during autumn!

The change of season, the temperature that drops, the days are getting shorter, the start of the school: These are all small details that can affect your sleep.

5 Tips For Sleeping Great During Autumn!


However, this does not mean necessarily having a worse sleep! Read our 5 simple tips and sleep great during the "best season to rest well"!

Perfect temperatures: neither too warm nor too cold

Maybe you have never thought about it, but Autumn is one of the best time to rest well: the outside temperatures should allow you to keep the inside house temperature around 20-22 Celsius degrees, without using air conditioning or heaters.

On sunny days, don't forget to keep bedroom windows open as much as possible: sun rays and the chilly breeze will purify the air in rooms and are both great allies against mites!

1. Keep humidity under control

Autumn is a drier season than Summer, this is the reason you may need a humidifier: Check the humidity levels in the house, keeping in mind that the optimal percentage is around 50%.

2. Set your time

During the Summer you often take the bad habit of sleeping fewer hours than necessary; Many hours of sunlight, the heat days, the evening out until late, these are all factors that can “set” our body to incorrect timing.

It’s very important sleeping at least 7/8 hours every night; During the Autumn the sun goes down earlier than in Summer, so it will be easier for you to adjust your sleep-wake cycles. You’ll wake up in the morning full of energies!

3. Eat well

Every season has its fruits: Even in Autumn do not give up to eat fresh fruits and vegetables! Avoid heavy foods for dinner and drink a lot of water. Due to the less sweating, we use to drink lesser in Fall: Do not forget to drink at minimum 2 liters of water every day!

4. Perfect days to work out

Enjoy this season to work out before the cold Winter: Walking, jogging and bring your children to the park!

5. What about the mattress?

It’s not time yet to turn your mattress on the Winter side, instead, it’s always the right time to check the quality of your bed system: Sleep well during Fall and throughout the year!

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Written by Manifattura Falomo – Marketing Office

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