Discover 6 ways in which your child’s sleep determines the quality of his future

Moms and dads well know the negative effects that lack of sleep can have on little ones: irritability, surly attitude and the flat “no” you get for any suggestion or request.

Discover 6 ways in which your child’s sleep determines the quality of his future

Find out how the quantity and quality of your baby’s sleep can affect his health and growth!

According to Terry Cralle, a nurse and sleep specialist at the Better Sleep Council (BSC): “Ensuring an adequate amount of sleep during childhood, provides children with a lifetime of benefits”.

Let’s find out what they are:

1. It will keep your kids healthy

An adequate amount of regular sleep strengthens the immune system. In other words, children who sleep little and badly are more likely to get sick and, in case of infections or flu, heal more slowly.

2. It strengthens brain functions

Sleep acts directly on the cognitive development of children. During hours of rest, the accelerated rhythm of breathing, as well as the brain’s greater consumption of oxygen and a less regular heartbeat, promotes a continuous stimulation of the cerebral cortex.

3. Promotes growth

The release of somatotropin, better known as “growth hormone” occurs during sleep and in particular between midnight and 6 am, allowing the development of tissues and muscles.

4. Makes memory more performing

Sleep allows to gather new information and consolidate memory, thus improving academic performance.

5. Stabilize emotions

According to the medical journal Sleep, lack of sleep can lead to hyperactivity, impulsivity, and aggression. These are all normal attitudes in children trying to compensate for a sense of exhaustion.

6. Keeps extra weight away

From a study conducted by the MassGeneral Hospital for Children (MGHfC) in Massachusetts, it appears that children who sleep little and badly during the first years of life are more exposed to the chance of being overweight and even obese.

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