How Sleep Change As We Age?

In this article you’ll learn that the seasons changing is not the only factor that influences our body while sleeping.

How Sleep Change As We Age?

We are subject to continuous changes every day and every night: The length of day and night, the weather, and also the situation that we face daily change all the time, although sometimes in an imperceptible way.

Nevertheless our organism and therefore the quality of our sleep suffers this changes. Don’t miss this article and find out how sleep changes with us!

The Different Sleep-Ages

Think for a while how your sleep has changed over the years: The more you grow, the less you sleep! This is right, but too generic. Why is it happen?

1) Childhood

At first the child life is a cyclical alternation between sleep and eat. During the first 3/4 months of life almost doesn’t exist a real continued sleep (“new parents” know it well!). Then infants begin to develop a continuity, a sort of sleep-wake pattern, with longer sleep periods.

Growing up, the daily naps decrease, in favor of a longer nightly sleep period. Usually at the age of 6/7 years, the child looses the need and habit of a daily nap.

2) Teens

At this point the sleep phase is a single night block, but the number of sleep hours changes. According to recent scientific studies, it seems that the adolescence development alter the circadian rhythm, delaying the sleep phase.

During High School, teens tend to go to sleep later, but the time to get up for school is certainly earlier than the natural waking up. It’s here that could show up the first problems related to sleep.

3) Adulthood

This is the most unstable period of our life, in term of sleep quality, and more. During adulthood we are constantly subject to changes: Work, family, children.

There are many factors that affect our circadian rhythm. However we must do our best to make our rest regular. Sleep well at least 7/8 hours per night!

4) Elderly

During the third age our internal clock alters again our sleep-wake cycle, on the contrary of the adolescence, it anticipates a bit forward. For this reason, older people tend to go sleep earlier in the evening and wake up early in the morning.

The Right Mattress For All Ages!

As mattresses producers, we have learnt by our experience that also the sleep changes accordingly to the different seasons of our life:

  • Young people tend to buy a firmer and more supported mattress.
  • Older people tend to buy a softer and more delicate mattress, generally related to joints and blood circulation issues.

A Right Bed System: The Starting Point for a Regenerating Sleep, At Any Age!

Remember that also the bed system must fit your age: take a look of our online catalog and find out how to choose a mattress, a pillow, and a bed base that fits your needs and physical characteristics!

What are you waiting for? Find out now the specilized mattresses retailer closest to you, and start right now to improve your sleep! Don’t be led by the passing time!

Written by Manifattura Falomo – Marketing Office

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