Bad Sleep? Probably Because of the Moon!

Have you ever not being able to fall asleep during the full Moon nights?

Bad Sleep? Probably Because of the Moon!

It’s not a coincidence! Several scientific studies have shown that the moon…

The Moonlight During the Prehistoric Period…

Already during ancient periods the Moon could be affect the sleep, because of its lightness. Thanks to the evolution, the Man has realized the importance of darkness when sleeping.

The Most Striking Experiment: We Sleep 20 Minutes Less During a Full-Moon Night!

In 2006 Dr. Cajochen and his team of the Basil University carried out an experiment on 30 volunteers.

The outcome of the experiment was a surprise: It results that the volunteers have slept 20 minutes less than usual during the full moon nights, and also that they have needed 5 minutes more to fall asleep.

Moreover, the brain activities related to deep sleep was decreased by 30% during the full moon nights.

However It’s a Mechanism That Has Yet To Be Understood

It’s still unclear how this mechanism works and how it’s linked to the moon. One reason should be that us, as every other animal species, convey the rhythms of the Earth: Day and Night, full moon and new moon, etc…

Full Moon And Mood

Other studies have shown a link between violence and full moon; it seems that during a full moon night the violent incidents increase.

More anger means a poorer sleep quality, if you want to learn more about it, please read this article to find out how our emotions affect our sleep Happiness And Sleep, Sadness And Sleep, Anxiety And Sleep, Stress And Sleep!.

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