The Sleep & The Quotes…

Probably you have heard a lot of proverbs related to sleep; everyone is free to believe or not on their truth! Anyway, today we want to delight you with some of the most beautiful quotes about the sleep and the healthy sleeping, made by famous authors as Shakespeare, Leopardi and more other giants of literature.

The Sleep & The Quotes…

If you are a lover of great literature and even of healthy sleeping, do not miss this article and the quotes of some of the greatest poets and writers of all time!

The Sleep Quotes & The Literature

The quotes, that we’re going to list below, are just some of the hundreds and hundreds quotes that you may find, reading great authors.

The sleep has always been considered one of the great pleasure of life, but just if you do it in the properly way! Likely for this reason, the great poets and writers have often referred to the sleep in many of their works.

Arthur Schopenhauer

Arthur Schopenhauer Manifattura Falomo

The great German philosopher and aphorist wrote: 

“Sleep is for all people what the charge is for the clock.”

Who can blame him? Think about how much energy can give us a night of good sleep! First of all the sleep should be a quality sleep: only in this way each of us can receive the right “charge” to deal the day!

Giacomo Leopardi

Giacomo Leopardi Manifattura Falomo

One of the greatest poets of romanticism in one of his most popular work wrote:

“The Sleep, and all that induces sleep, it’s itself pleasant.”

Sleeping is so pleasant! Yes, Leopardi wrote a great truth. After a hard work or study-day, the most pleasant thing we can do, is relax ourself in our beds!

Gioacchino Belli

Gioacchino Belli Manifattura Falomo

The great Roman poet of the ‘900s, so many times made us smile in his works, and also about the sleep could not miss his “roman” quotes:

“Be blessed who invented the bed! In the whole world there’s no more beautiful thing. And you, who are a bride, says: “it is more thousand times blessed!”

It would seem, he also appreciated the benefits of a healthy sleep in our life. But he said, the inventor should be blessed even for other reasons...

William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare Manifattura Falomo

How don’t mention the great William Shakespeare, who wrote in the Macbeth:

“The sleep is the balm of hurts mind and Chief nourisher in life’s fest”.

The great English playwright remember us that the sleep brings benefits not only to our bodies, but also to our souls. Without “feed us” of sleep every day, we could not even survive! Think about how many problems brings insomnia, both in our body and our mind. It’s very important sleep properly in order to live well!

Paul Morand

Paul Morand Manifattura Falomo

At last, but not least, we want to mention a beautiful aphorism of a French writer of the last century, who said:

“The bed is the field of the spirit released from the weight; you must be lying down to see the sky.”

Also The Great Writers Loved To Sleep Well!

Having a regenerating and restful sleep is essential in our life! And it seems to be not a big news!

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