Sleep to forget: this is what it’s for!

Why do we sleep? A question that has fascinated human beings for thousands of years and to which a clear answer has never been given.

Sleep to forget: this is what it’s for!

Sleep allows our body to recharge, clears up our mind and helps us face a new day at best.

But according to some researchers, there are other reasons behind our need to rest each night: want to now what they are?

A resting body but an always working mind!

Every time we fall into the arms of Morpheus there are many things that happen in our head: if on one hand our body lies almost motionless curled up under the blankets, on the other, our brain certainly doesn’t stay still to rest.

The extraordinary power of a good night’s sleep

During the day there is so much information for our brain to process, not to mention new notions that have to be acquired and so many things to remember.

A good night’s sleep allows our brain to elaborate and assimilate all this new info: millions of new neural connections are created in order to allow us to learn and remember.

But not everything deserves to be remembered!

“Synaptic homeostasis hypothesis”

A complicated formula that explains a simple concept: while we sleep, our brain chooses what is not worth to remember and deletes those memories.

Even synapses need rest; this is why during the night they slightly weaken to recharge themselves and be ready to store new information the following day.

The brain: a “therapist” always at hand

During sleep our brain examines all the information received during the day, processes and analyzes it but without allowing the emotional component to interfere.

Therefore, low levels of norepinephrine decrease substantially during the night and when we wake up, the negative feelings associated with certain events decrease.

Sleep well for a peaceful and active mind!

Make sure you have a good night’s rest and you’ll notice how it will benefit your mood and ability to learn.

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