Is having a good sleep every night like winning the lottery?

The answer is yes! It has been proven through a recent study published by Oxford Academy’s English magazine called “Sleep”.

Is having a good sleep every night like winning the lottery?

The study wanted to demonstrate the links between a quality sleep and the general psycho-physical well-being of a person: but what does this have to do with the lottery? Find out now in this article!

Can sleep improve our psychic well-being?

The research was published earlier this year after 4 years of study and more than 30,000 people involved.

The aim of the research was to demonstrate how changes in rest habits and an increased sleep quality could affect a person’s health and well-being. The results were amazing!

A healthy rest for a peaceful and “rich” life

All individuals suffered in some way from sleep disorders, from a slight insomnia due to stress to more serious illnesses. After a “re-education” to healthy sleep, these people have been able to definitely improve the quality of their rest with positive feedback also on their psychological well-being: the same psychic peacefulness found on people who had won the lottery!

A well-being that lasts a lifetime!

Of course, the studies published on Sleep do not want to compare the euphoria of the moment of victory with the peacefulness due to a healthy night’s sleep, but the benefits that good and healthy rest habits can give us are equally important.

To sleep well every night means to feel more peaceful and happier, to suffer less from daily stress and to deal with life with an extra boost.

Choose to rest well each night and win your “healthy sleep” lottery!

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