If you sleep well, you lose weight faster!

The winning formula for losing extra weight and feel fit is always the same: a healthy and balanced diet and regular physical activity. But there’s more!

If you sleep well, you lose weight faster!

You may already know that night-time sleep strongly influences your metabolism and the hormones that regulate your organism! That’s why if you sleep well every night, you’ll get back in shape easily!

Here’s why bad sleep isn’t good for your shape!

1. Slower metabolism

If you suffer from insomnia or you don’t sleep well every night, your metabolism will slow down and it will be more difficult to burn calories during the day.

2. Energizing snack

If you sleep lesser than 7 hours per night, you’ll get up with less energy. During the day you’ll be forced to have snacks or drinks, probably full of caffeine and sugar, to recharge yourself. Extra calories that weigh on your metabolism.

3. Untruthful hormones

The 2 key hormones in this case are the ghrelin and the leptin: the first one says to our body that is time to eat, the second one provokes satiety.

If you do not sleep properly, your organism will produce more ghrelin and less leptin. In a nutshell, you’ll be always hungry and never full!

4. Bad choices

A recent research published on the scientific journal Nature Communication has shown that a single night of insomnia can negatively affect the activity of your temporal lobe, that is responsible for our sense of judgement: less judgement means more bad decisions, also when choosing the right and healthier foods to eat.

5. Athleticism & muscle tone compromised

The lack of sleep reduces the body’s ability to synthesize proteins causing a loss of muscle tone.

Stay fit starting from a good sleep!

The first step to get back in shape is easy: sleep well every night on a bed system that meets your needs and perfectly fits to your body!

Written by Manifattura Falomo – Marketing Office

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