5 basic rules for sleeping with air conditioning!

The warm season is finally here bringing along also heat and the first sleepless nights due to the high temperature in bedrooms.

5 Basic Rules for Sleeping with Air Conditioning!

Air conditioning is the most obvious solution to heat problems, but not always the best: headaches, stiff necks, joint pains and allergies are just some of the major disorders caused by an improper use of air conditioning.

Pros and cons of air conditioners

Air conditioning has changed our lifestyle: it allows us to work and be productive even during the hottest hours of the day, to easily carry out various daily activities avoiding heat strokes and even helps us sleep better.

The problem is that the way we use air conditioning is too often incorrect, causing headaches, stiff necks and various joint pains, not to mention respiratory problems and gastrointestinal disorders.

So basically, setting the air conditioner at 20 degrees centigrade when there are 38 outdoors, is the worst use that can be done.

5 tips to make the best use of air conditioning and sleep wondefully!

Make best use of your air conditioner to help yourself sleep well without compromising your health. Here are 5 practical tips for a proper use of air conditioners:

  1. set the temperature to a maximum of 6/7 degrees below the outside temperature;
  2. never direct the air jet directly on you, but always upwards;
  3. in order to not wake up all sore, it would be better to switch on the air conditioner in your room before going to bed, to then switch it back off during the night;
  4. remember to often clean its filters so not to disperse dangerous microorganisms into the air;
  5. use the timer to set the conditioner’s automatic shutdown: once you have fallen asleep, your body will naturally cool down a few degrees and you will be able to sleep without problems!

And what if I don’t have an air conditioner or I don’t want to use it at night?

If you prefer not to use air conditioning or don’t have it, choose a “cool” bed system: discover all our solutions for a refreshing sleep!

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