Hard to Sleep With the Sultry Weather? Follow Our 7 Tips!

Summer is finally here! Who don’t love the summer! However the heat also brings some problems, especially during the night.

Hard to Sleep With the Sultry Weather? Follow Our 7 Advices!

A regenerating sleep is essential for our health, but some factors, such as the heat, can compromise our rest.

If you suffer insomnia during the summer, or you can’t sleep well every night because of the sultriness, do not miss this article and find out how sleeping well during the summer!

Why is So Hard to Fall Asleep During the Summer?

The high temperatures and the sultry weather are not the only causes of our asleep nights: other important factors could be:

  • Change Bed Frequently: Hotels and summer houses sometimes are not equipped with comfortable mattresses.
  • Change habits: Although vacation is a synonymous of relax, for some of us the changing of habits and hours is not simple. Often on vacations we use to keep late hours, modifying our sleep-wake rhythm.
  • More light: In fact, the increased number of hours of sunshine can affect our usual sleep-wake rhythm.

So, What Can We Do To Sleep Cooler During the Hot Sultry Summer Nights?

Now that we know the most common reasons that can cause insomnia and other sleep problems during the hotter nights, what can we do to make our summer nights more pleasant?

1) Air Conditioning: Turn It Off Before Going To Sleep

If you have an AC, it can help you a lot. Be careful! Keeping the temperature too low in the bedroom can be dangerous for your health. The best thing to do is turning on the AC some hours before going to sleep and then turn it off when you go to sleep.

2) Fan: Don’t Point it at You!

Probably all of us have a fan at house, it’s the cheaper way to refresh us!  But try to not abuse of it; keep it in the bedroom but do not point it at your bed, on the contrary, use it to create an air flow to keep the temperature cooler.

3) Pay Attention To the Fabrics!

Choose the right fabrics: Use just silk or cotton clothing. They are fresh and suitable for a proper sweating. Same goes for lining, only pure cotton sheets!

4) Which Is the Cooler Position?

Sure as hell the fresher position is the starfish one, supine with arms up and leg stretched, that will make you sweat less.

5) Also What You Eat Is Very Important

Pay attention to your diet: also foods and beverages influence our body heat; avoid spicy foods and alcoholic beverages especially during the evening hours.

6) If You Have a 2 or More Story House, You Should…

Move to the lower floor: It’ll not possible for everyone, but if you live in a 2 or more story house, remember that the lower floor is the cooler; If one night you can’t fall asleep because of the heat, maybe sleeping on the coach at the ground floor could help you!

7) And Never Forget To Choose the Right Mattress!

Maybe you don’t know, but on the market you can find appropriate mattresses and pillows for a hotter weather! Manifattura Falomo produces mattresses that thanks to the innovative Memory Fresh Blue, to the silk, and cotton covers, can ensure you a cool sleep, also during the sultry summer nights!

If you want to learn more, read this article: Relaxody: The Innovative Memory Foam And Customizable Mattress, or find out the mattress retailer closest to you and test in person the mattresses that can help you to sleep cool during the summer!

Written by Manifattura Falomo – Marketing Office

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