Why Are We Taller In the Morning?

You probably don’t know that there are more or less 3 cm of difference between our height in the morning and our height in the evening after a long work day!

Why Are We Taller In the Morning?

On the average, upon getting up in the morning, we are about 1 cm taller than during the day; in the evening happens the opposite, with a variation of about 2/3 cm throughout the day.

Do you know why is this happening? Don't miss this article and find out why we are taller in the morning and what may be the implications of using a comfortable mattress!

How’s It Made Our Spine?

The spine consists of 33 vertebrae, overlapping each other, that creates a single structure thanks to which we are able to walk and move in an upright posture. It’s therefore the mainstay of our body.

The 33 vertebrae, of which it’s composed our spine, are divided in 5 different regions:

  1. Cervical.
  2. Dorsal.
  3. Lumbar.
  4. Sacral.
  5. Coccygeal.

But How Can Change the Spine Length?

The vertebrae are separated by intervertebral discs, that have the important task to allow the movement, the flexion, the extension and the rotation of the column.

These discs are then a kind of bearing between pairs of vertebrae, and are made of cartilage tissue that gives them high elastic properties.

At Night, In a Lying Position…

When during the night we’re lying on our bed, our spine is not affected by the pressure of the body weight, and consequently the intervertebral discs relax and stretch.

But In the Morning, Upon Rising…

As a consequence, if in the morning upon rising we measure ourself, we will notice an increase of about 1/2 cm compared to our average height.

On the contrary, at night, because of the body weight supported during the day, the vertebrae are compressed, decreasing in thickness. This caused a decrease of about 1/2 cm compared to our average height.

The Importance Of a Proper Mattress

The increase and the decrease of spine extension is a natural process that happens every day and every night. What you can easily guess is that a good nightly sleep is critical to ensure the rest and extension of the spine. Sleeping on a proper mattress, that fits for us, is critical for our body health.

The Mattresses That Favor Spinal Stretching!

Some mattresses, as those of the Kuschelmed line, are also able to combine the stretching action and favor the relaxation and lengthening of the spine during our sleep.

Pay Attention To the Mattress “Zones” and the Wear!

The use of a mattress that not suits our body characteristics, or a too older and sagging mattress, don’t allow a proper extension of the intervertebral discs, unloading the weight supported throughout the day, and encourage the consequent development of back pain, especially in the lumbar and cervical regions.

So, what are you waiting for? Look for the mattress retailer closest to you and find the suitable mattress for you! Give a good rest to your spine!

Written by Manifattura Falomo – Marketing Office


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