Your Kid Sleeps Yet With the Lights On? Here Is the Key!

Many people use to sleep in not-entirely-dark rooms: Streets lights, electronic devices or alarm clocks. Probably you don’t realize it, but also a little light in your bedroom influence in a negative way your sleep quality!

Your Kid Sleeps Yet With a Light On? Here Is the Key!

And what about your kid and the dark fear? Small lights in his room can help him to fall asleep, but on the other hand these don’t allow a proper rest.

Read this article and find out how a small light can have negative effects your sleep and how get your kids used to sleep without a light!

Which Can Be the Effects Of Lights In The Bedroom?

Many times we explained to you how having a regular sleep cycle is crucial for the health of the whole family.

Experts say that a light in the bedroom, when we sleep, can have negative effects on our sleep-wake cycle, and it could alter the natural clock that tells to our body when it’s time to sleep.

In nature the human brain is programmed to sleep in the absence of sunlight: if you have a light during the night, you can alter this natural cycle.

Many researches about this topic have shown that people with altered sleep-wake cycle rhythms, have a higher incidence of physical or mental disorders, such as depression or weight gain.

How Can You Get Your Kid Used To Sleep Without a Light?

The dark-fear is very common among children, but we can gradually accustom them, without forcing them, to sleep without a light in the room.

Here are 3 Tips

  1. A way could be to turn off the light once the kid is asleep, so the brain will be not exposed to light all night. You can also apply a timer so the light can turn off alone at a same point during the night.
  2. Do not force the child in anyway: it’s essential that he feels himself always safe and secure.
  3. Must be a gradual transition: You can also use music, fairy tales (no monster please!) or some games such as shadows puppets to entertain the child and help him to relax.

Gradually he learn to feel perfectly at ease and do not be afraid of the dark.

Sleep Well In the Dark and All Night Long!

Use only quality beds, because sleeping on a quality mattress help you kid to have a restful and healthy sleep, refreshed and power load!

A good day starts with a good night’s sleep!

What are you waiting for! Find out now the mattress retailer closest to you and start to improve your sleep starting from tonight!

Written by Manifattura Falomo – Marketing Office

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