Sleep and intestine: are you sleeping on your left side?

Our second brain, this is how the intestine is often referred to, is an organ with many nerve endings and has the ability to control our immune system.

Sleep and intestine: are you sleeping on your left side?

A healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet are key elements that allow this organ to work to its full potential. But if you sleep on your left side, things will be even better! Find out why in this article.

Better on the left side!

According to a study published in the scientific Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology, that’s exactly it!

Scientists have observed the acidity levels in a group of patients who, after eating, had lain down for a nap, resting on the left side of their body. Results were then compared with those collected from a group of patients who had lain supine on their right side: what was the outcome? Sleeping on the left side aids the digestive process and facilitates rest.

A natural solution for a good digestion and a good quality rest

When we lie down on the left side of our body, food is pushed in a natural way through the stomach, favoring a more rapid digestion in order to avoid that annoying feeling of heaviness in the stomach.

A little secret from afar

It appears that Tibetan monks had long since discovered that resting on the left side of our body is able to promote better digestion.

Especially if you love having a nap after lunch, try this technique: 20 minutes maximum of sleep, lying on your left side.

Light meals and peaceful nights

In the evening, however, it is always advised to have a light meal and wait at least 2 hours before bedtime, so most of the digestion will be already done by our body.

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