Is side sleeping really that good?

Side sleeping is preferred by many, especially because it seems to offer numerous benefits.

Is sleeping on the side really that good?

In fact, it is the most suitable posture for relieving many ailments and improving breathing, gut health, and blood circulation. But let’s find out why!

1. Improves breathing

Ideal for snorers and those suffering from sleep apnea, sleeping on the side makes breathing easier as airways stay open. This is why the side sleeping position is recommended for pregnant women, who can also benefit from better blood circulation.

2. Increases the efficiency of the glymphatic system

A proper sleeping position allows us to rest deeply, thus helping our brain recover all the necessary energy. In fact, thanks to the glymphatic system, during rest, our brain gets rid of all the toxins gathered during the day, carrying out an actual “night cleaning”.

3. Improves digestion

Together with correct daily habits, we can help our digestive system by sleeping on the side. Even better if it’s the left side!

Here’s more about why sleeping on the left side helps digestion!

4. Aligns the spine

To avoid pressure on legs and shoulders due to an incorrect position, we can place a pillow between our knees which restores the natural alignment between spine, hips, and pelvis.

Restless sleep?

According to recent studies, the number of times we toss and turn in bed considerably varies from person to person and tends to decrease slightly with age. There are, however, easy ways to limit these night-time movements right away!

  • Place a pillow behind your back and one in front of your pelvis to limit unconscious movement during the night.
  • Create new evening rituals! For example, practice stretching to relax the body, find time for your hobbies or stick to a beauty routine to free your mind and get ready for rest.
  • Make your bedroom a quiet and peaceful place with the secrets of feng shui!
  • Don’t underestimate the importance of your mattress. Choose the right stiffness for your physical features!

The best pillow for side sleepers?

It will undoubtedly be our Dream Memory Blue Cervical! Its unique shape and cutting-edge materials, such as Memory Fresh Blue and Soy Memory Touch, adequately support the head while you sleep on your side. Find out more and allow yourself some “Healthy Sleep”!

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