Sleeping in Socks: Some Good Reasons to Change This Habit!

During the cold winter nights, we would msll like to wear a pair of warm socks before slipping between the cold sheets of our bed.

Sleeping in Socks: Some Good Reasons to Change This Habit!

Some people say that without wearing them it’s impossible to fall asleep, but some researches seem to prove that if you want to sleep well, you should feel a little cold!

Cold is Better!

The optimum temperature of your bedroom should be between 16 °C and 18 °C degrees, do not exaggerate with the heater!

Our amazing body is able to thermoregulate itself while remaining in the right values.

What Does It Happen When We Sleep?

During the night our body temperature goes down: when we begin to feel sleepy in the evening means that our body is cooling and this process continues until 4 a.m. before going back.

This (very small) temperature change is necessary for our body to rest well.

Our 2 Temperature “Zones”

Our body temperature is adjusted to 2 zones: the inside one and the outside one.

The first is set by the brain, while the second, that is influenced from the external environment, is the one on which some neuroscientists have done some experiments to understand how, by lowering and raising, our body temperature affects our sleep.

Feet and Hands: Our External Temperature Regulators

Our body starts to cool down and we begin to feel sleepy, this is the mechanism used by our body to tell us that it’s time to go to the bed.

If You Get Colder Faster, You’ll Fall Asleep Faster! 

Our feet, thanks to their special vascular structure, are the designated parts of our body to regulate our external temperature.

For this reason the Neuroscientist Institute of Amsterdam give us this advice: If you suffer from insomnia, sleep with your feet outside the blanket!

Are You Ready to Try?

This experiment is only for daredevils! Before freezing your feet, make sure that the cause of your insomnia is not a bed that don’t meets your physical characteristics! Visit our online shop and find out our Made in Italy mattresses!

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