Wearing socks in bed: some good reasons to break the habit!

During the cold winter nights, we really enjoy wearing a pair of warm socks before slipping under the cold blankets of our bed.

Wearing socks in bed: some good reasons to break the habit!

Some people believe it’s impossible to fall asleep without them, but research seems to prove that you should feel a little cold if you want to sleep well!

Cold is better!

You should set your bedroom temperature between 16°C and 18°C, so don’t exaggerate with the heating!

Our fantastic body can regulate its own ideal temperature.

What happens while we sleep?

During the night, our body temperature lowers: when we start feeling sleepy in the evening, our body cools down, and this process continues until 4 a.m. before going back.

This (minimal) temperature change is necessary as it allows our body to rest well.

Our 2 temperature “zones”

Our body temperature has 2 different zones: an inside and an outside one.

The first zone is set by the brain, while the second one, which is influenced by external factors, is the one on which neuroscientists have carried out experiments to understand how it affects sleep.

Feet and hands: our external temperature regulators

When our body starts cooling down, we begin to feel sleepy. This mechanism tells us that it’s time to get to bed.

If you cool down faster, you fall asleep faster! 

Thanks to their unique vascular structure, our feet are the designated parts of our body that regulate our external temperature.

This is why the Neuroscience Institute of Amsterdam gives us this advice: if you suffer from insomnia, stick your feet out from under the blankets!

Ready to try?

This experiment is only for adventurers, but before freezing your feet, make sure that the cause of your insomnia isn’t the bed! Visit our online shop and discover our Made in Italy mattresses!

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