13 Smartphone Apps that will improve your sleep!

Nowadays, it seems there is an app to solve every problem: Did you already know the apps below that could improve your sleep?

13 Smartphone Apps That Will Improve Your Sleep!

We can’t be sure about their effective functionality, anyway if you are a tech-person, we suggest to try them and let us know if they have worked by commenting on this post!

If you’re looking for the perfect sleep-cycle…

There are so many apps that could help us to have a perfect sleep-cycle: Such as Sleep Cycle, an app that takes under control our rest, but if you’re looking for the best moment to awake, try Smart Alarm Clock or Sleep as Android!

If you need a special lullaby…

You can choose among so many different apps that can help you to fall asleep or to wake up, lulled by sweet notes of relaxing music Relax and Sleep for Android, Sleep Genius, Relax Melodies, or by the relaxing natural sounds such as the raining or the bird’s twitting Sleepmaker Rain, Sleep Pillow.

If you want to relax…

If you need to calm yourself before going to sleep, try Yoga for Insomnia, an app that suggests you some exercises and relaxing positions.

If you snore or speak during sleep…

Does your partner say you snore or speak all night long? Try Sleep Talk Recorder or Snore Lab and find out if you’re suffering from this annoying problem.

If you need a “Power Nap”…

If you need to recharge yourself with a nap, this app it’s perfect for you: Power Nap allows you to set the nap-type and duration you need!

If you’re not a morning person…

If you hit too many times the “Snooze” button, trying to procrastinate the time to get up, download this app: Spin Me Alarm Clock, this alarm does not switch off until you’ll get up and you’ll go around the room twice!

Which is the best App for having a better sleep? 

Whether or not these apps work, the best way to have a quality sleep is choosing a bed system that fits your physical characteristics, in addition to a healthy lifestyle.

Our tip, as mattresses manufacturers for over 50 years, is to avoid to use your smartphone in bed, and if you don't have one yet, get a quality bed system.

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