Dealing with spring fatigue? Discover how to “wake up” naturally!

After a long and harsh winter nature finally wakes up, while we continue to feel overwhelmed by an irresistible desire to sleep.

Does spring fatigue keep bothering you? Discover how to “wake up” naturally!

Find out why the change of season knocks you out and follow our 5 tips for a boost of energy!

Spring fatigue: what happens to our body?

The arrival of spring represents a traumatic moment for humans. For any age group, the symptoms of daytime sleepiness, low blood pressure, fatigue and difficulty maintaining concentration depend on hormones.

As days get longer, we are more exposed to sunlight which favors the production of melatonin, the hormone that regulates the sleep-wake cycle. This hormone is released by the pineal gland connected to the brain: the greater its activity, the more symptoms we get.

Spring tiredness: here are 5 practical solutions to help you step out of hibernation!

1. Choose light meals and mainly seasonal fruits (such as strawberries, loquats, lemons, and pears) and vegetables (preferring them raw rather than cooked).

2. Expose yourself to sunlight but cautiously: sunlight not only promotes the production of vitamin D, but it also improves your mood.

3. The use of lemon essential oil is particularly appropriate to counteract spring apathy: it eliminates tiredness and makes us feel more active. Find out more on how to use essential oils in this article!

4. Complete your diet with vitamins, in particular, those of the vitamin B complex that acts on the metabolic process, which also means on the production of energy.

5. Even if days have gotten longer and it never seems time to slip into bed, don’t keep yourself up until late! Always go to bed at the same time and allow yourself an 8-hour sleep to avoid feeling tired during the day.

And to rest greatly, choose a quality bed system: find the one that satisfies your physical features and tiredness will be a distant memory!

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