How to stop thinking so much when you’re in bed? Here are 3 simple tips

Each of us has experienced the situation when we lie in bed trying to sleep but we can’t fall asleep because our brain doesn’t want to stop thinking about problems, what we’re done during the day, and what we should do tomorrow!

How to stop thinking so much when you’re in bed? Here are 3 simple tips

If you are among those people who have difficulty to fall asleep because your brain can’t stop racing, here you’ll find some useful and simple tips which can help you to solve this problem.

1. Listen to “white noises” to fall asleep easily

The white light is the sum of all visible colors, in the same way as the white noise is the sum of all audible sounds.

The sound of falling rain, of an hairdryer, or of a fan are some examples of white noises.

The “white noises” sync with the frequencies of brain waves that are involved during the deeper sleep phases. Find out on YouTube “white noise” and listen to some examples of white noises!

2. You’re thinking too much because you’re allowing your brain to!

Focus on your breathing, inhale, hold your breath and count to 7, exhale and count to 8. Repeat this simple exercise more than one time and you’ll fall asleep without realizing it!

As an alternative, pay attention to your heart rate, it requires a lot of concentration and for this reason is an amazing calming exercise.

3. Write down your thoughts and you’ll feel better

Keep a notebook and a pen next to your bed and write down your thoughts, ideas, reflections, and whatever jumps in your mind.

This technique will help you to stop those racing thoughts and to clarify and simplify them: it’s easier to solve a calculus by writing it on a piece of paper than solving it in mind!

Now, take care of your bed!

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