Let a stranger wake you up tomorrow morning!

It doesn’t seem to bode well when you say it, but we’re actually talking about the early-morning social network!

Let a stranger wake you up tomorrow morning!

It’s all about an application for smartphones that allows anyone who has an account with the community to wake each other up through a phone call.

Say goodbye to jingles and annoying beep-beeps, now you could be wakened by a chat with a stranger!

Every morning a different good morning!

It is Hrachik Adjamian who came up with the idea. A young Armenian boy, creator of the app called Wakie, wanted to find a way to make the moment of awakening more pleasant for all those who really have a hard time getting up in the morning!

The “social” wake up call!

Wake up calls have been around for a long time, but these services are a bit “cold” because once you answer the phone, you’re likely to find a recorded voice on the other end.

Because chats are better!

While if the person calling us is a complete stranger, the cognitive effort we have to make is definitely greater!

Many people aren’t particularly talkative in the morning as soon as they wake up and the only sounds emitted when spoken to, are more like grunts than anything else. But maybe the voice of someone we don’t know on the phone will force us to behave differently, and something reasonable has to be said!

Itching to try?

You’ll have to wait a while longer because the service is currently available only in some countries and not in Italy yet.

90 seconds to know one another and wake up

This is the time limit of the call/alarm clock, 1 minute and a half to pull yourself out of bed and have a chat with whoever you want.

And talking about you, who do you wish to be woken up by tomorrow morning?

For now just worry about sleeping on a bed system that is suitable for you, so when you wake up in the morning you’ll feel more rested and much more sociable!

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