Summer and rest: 5 tips for sleeping better!

We all love the summer, the holidays, the beautiful days and spending the evenings outdoors. But it is during summer months that our circadian rhythm is put to the test.

Summer and rest: 5 tips for sleeping better!

Find out what are the major risks for your rest and how to handle them for an amazing summer!

1. The heat

Temperatures rise and our ability to fall asleep decreases! Help yourself with a few tips: cotton sheets, a warm shower before bedtime and lots of water! And if you have air conditioning, switch it on but don’t overdo it!

2. The light

Summer days are longer and the shift to summer time upsets our natural rhythms even more: this is why in the evenings you should make your bedroom as dark as possible.

3. The noise

Long days and mild temperatures encourage us to spend a lot of time outdoors and therefore gardens, balconies and streets are crowded with people who sometimes don’t care about all those who strive to fall asleep in their homes.

Our body needs peace and quiet to rest well: close windows that overlook streets or gardens or use earplugs if necessary!

4. The holidays

Holidays should help us recharge and but we often get back more tired than before! This is because we tend to upset our night’s sleep rhythms. Try not to be too late in the evenings and wake up at the same time every morning also while you’re on vacation!

5. Allergies

Although spring is the toughest season for the millions of people who are allergic to pollen, also summer isn’t an easy period because of the various flowerings: keep windows closed and take a shower before going to sleep so you can wash away all the pollen that accumulates on skin and hair.

Enjoy your summer and sleep wonderfully!

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