The “magical” features of Swiss Pine and its benefits on sleep!

With the arrival of cold temperatures, we feel the need to create a healthy, warm, and comfortable environment in our homes to welcome us throughout the winter season.

The “magical” features of Swiss Pine and its benefits on sleep!

Discover all the beneficial properties of what the ancient Romans nicknamed the “King of the Alps”, and how they are used in the production of linings and mattress covers.

The inhabitants of the Alps knew very well all the properties of the “Pinus Cembra”, a protected tree and, according to ancient Alpine traditions, capable of positive effects on the psyche and body thanks to its unmistakable scent.

A plant for all the senses

The pine cones of this extraordinary tree, contain delicious small seeds rich in proteins, amino acids, fibers, vitamins, and mineral salts.

But above all, it is the essential oil of this tree that has positive effects on psychophysical well-being and health, also confirmed by multiple scientific studies.

Swiss Pine essential oil: the ally of well-being...

In the bathtub

Use it in the bathtub to regenerate the skin and, thanks to its calming properties, promote relaxation of the nervous system.

Swiss Pine in the bathtub

Against cold and cough

Pour 3 drops into 2 liters of hot water to breathe in to relieve colds and coughs with its balsamic and decongestant effects.

Swiss Pine against cold and cough

For improving air quality

Use it in the heater’s humidifier to enhance the quality of air and recreate in your home that cozy and warm atmosphere typical of mountain huts.

Swiss Pine for improving air quality

For treating the body

Add a few drops to your usual massage oil to find relief after a bruise, a muscle tear or inflammation.

Swiss pine for treating the body

Swiss Pine, a cure even for the heart!

Scientific research conducted at the Joanneum Research Institute in Weiz, Austria, has shown that the various components of the great Swiss Pine, such as limoson, various flavonoids, and essential oils, are able of slowing down the heart frequency and saving the heart about an hour of work a day. Just think!

Nature wishes you goodnight with the Swiss Pine mattress cover!

The reduced and regular heartbeat induces deep and restorative sleep. If you are looking for a regenerating rest, discover the Swiss Pine mattress cover: treated with microcapsules of essential oil rich in alpha-beta pinene, it releases beneficial essences with night movements. Grant yourself a completely natural sleep!

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