The secret of American Marines for falling asleep in less than 2 minutes!

Having a rested mind is essential for accomplishing your tasks during the day, especially if you have a very demanding job, like American Marines on many battlefields, where they cannot follow regular schedules and may need to rest when possible and where possible!

The secret of American Marines for falling asleep in less than 2 minutes!

For this reason, during training, soldiers learn to fall asleep almost “on command” thanks to a well-tested technique.

Fall asleep quickly and anywhere

The technique used by Marines to fall asleep in just a few minutes was presented for the first time in the book “Relax and Win: Championship Performance” published back in 1981.

The technique is described in detail and taught to the military in order to reduce the chances of these mistakes being made on battlefields due to excessive tiredness.

How does it work? Here are 4 simple steps for falling asleep quickly

  1. Relax facial muscles, none excluded.
  2. Relax shoulders and then arms, letting them fall along your hips.
  3. Exhale, relax chest muscles, then stomach muscles and then continue moving down to the hips and legs until you get to the tip of your feet.
  4. At this point you will have to invest a few seconds to free your mind and concentrate on one of the following 3 images: you lying on a canoe, floating on calm waters under a blue sky, or you lying on a velvet carpet in a completely dark room, and lastly, you repeating to yourself “don’t think, don’t think, don’t think” for about 10 seconds.

This technique seems to work with 96% of people who have been practicing it for at least 6 weeks! So don’t hope to fall asleep on the first try, but if you often suffer from insomnia it may be worth “training” on it for a few weeks to see if it works.

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