True or False? Try To Answer On These 8 Questions About Sleep!

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True or False? Try To Answer These 8 Questions About Sleep!

Evaluate your knowledge about healthy sleep: Answer on these 8 questions to understand whether your choices about sleep are “right” or “not”!

True or False? Here Are the 8 Questions!

  1. When we’re sleeping, is the brain inactive?
  2. Could our daily performances be compromised, if we reduce by one hour our usual time of sleep?
  3. Snoring during the sleep, is it always normal?
  4. Does everyone dream every single night?
  5. Is it true that older people need less sleep?
  6. Does every sleep disorder relate to psychological problems?
  7. Are the sleep hours before midnight more beneficial than the hours after the midnight?
  8. Is it true that the best mattress to sleep is the harder one?

How Is It Gone?

  1. False: Our brain doesn’t sleep but keeps active its functions to regenerate itself.
  2. True: You can get used your body to sleep one hour less, but you can get used it to need less hours of sleep.
  3. False: People, who use to snore, could suffer from some breathing diseases, this is the reason you should always talk to your doctor about it.
  4. True: Everyone dreams every single night, even if we don’t remember that.
  5. False: In adulthood the hours of sleep that our body needs are the same, in fact, the elderly people, who can’t sleep well during the night, compensate it with afternoon naps.
  6. False: For example sleep apnea is caused by an obstruction of the breathing airways, and the narcolepsy is often a genetic disease.
  7. True: Some researches seem to show that hours before midnight count double!
  8. False: Everyone has different physical characteristics that we have to take into account when choosing our bed system.

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Written by Manifattura Falomo – Marketing Office

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