Why do you feel tired even after sleeping for a long time?

Sometimes too much work or study, stress, and worries prevent us from sleeping well every night and for a proper time!

Why do you feel tired even after sleeping for a long time?

For this reason, you might decide to recover the lost sleep with a “sleep marathon” in order to get back energy: But then you feel more tired than before! Find out in this article why!

Why do you feel tired?

Our body has a weakness for habits: follow a regular sleep-wake cycle, respecting the natural time of your circadian rhythm, this is what your body needs!

If you change your habitual schedule, sleeping more hours than usual, you are going to alter your inner clock, that can go haywire.

This is why you may feel jet-lagged, as coming back from China!

The stages of sleep

On average a sleep cycle lasts 90 minutes and each of us, every night, goes through 5 complete cycles for a total of 6/7 hours of sleep.

If you stay in bed longer, you will increase the number of these cycles, often waking up right in the middle of a cycle, during the REM phase.

The inertia of sleep

During those 5/10 minutes after waking up, our brain has not yet been “switched on”, it’s called the inertia of sleep when just woke up, you feel groggy.

If you procrastinate the time to wake up or decide to sleep more time, you’ll extend this condition and you might feel sleepy and tired for the rest of the day!

Quality over quantity!

If you think to replace a bad night’s sleep with a longer one, you’re going to fail!

It’s important to follow a proper sleep routine every day, and stick to it also during weekends. But do not forget that a good sleep means a quality sleep, not a long night’s sleep!

Read our weekly tips on how to have a regenerating and good night’s sleep! And remember to choose a mattress, bed base, and pillow that best suit you!

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