Why do we like sleep so much?

No matter how tough work was, how much we studied or how many people we argued with during the day: once we close our eyes, everything disappears and we can finally enjoy a well deserved rest!

Why do we like sleep so much?

But why do we like sleep so much? We have identified 7 good reasons!

1. It recharges us with new energy

After a hard day’s work you certainly deserve a good rest. Your tired eyes need to close for a few hours while your brain “cleans itself up” and your body produces many new cells!

2. It allows us to dream of unimaginable things

Dreams are often crazy, always unpredictable and they allow us to have experiences which go beyond reality! Like when we find ourselves flying like birds or talking to famous people sitting on a chocolate couch! These things usually don’t happen in real life...

3. It allows us to wear pyjamas

What could be more comfortable and warm than nice PJs... especially in the winter? Forget your tie and shirt or heels and tight jeans! It’s time to step into the most comfortable clothes in the world!

4. It brings bunches of snuggles

If there’s a special person in your life, then going to sleep will be a wonderful moment to live together, curled up and “knotted” in your favorite position.

5. It allows time to go by more quickly

Since we were kids waiting for Santa Claus to arrive, until now, when we find ourselves looking forward to morning’s arrival to leave for the holidays: if you’re eagerly waiting for something, go to sleep and the following day will come in a heartbeat!

6. It allows us to reset an “off day”

We all have some off days; the best thing to do is sleep on it! Use the “reset button”: go to bed and get ready for a better day!

7. It makes us feel better

Sleeping helps us to keep blood pressure and cholesterol under control and it’s also good for the heart. Furthermore, after a good night’s sleep your skin will immediately appear younger and relaxed.

And now find your ideal bed system which will make you love going to sleep even more!

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