Do Men Sleep Better Than Women?

Have you ever heard that the gender difference can influence your sleep? Some researches have shown how is different the female-sleep from the men-sleep: You’ll be surprised by the results!

Do Men Sleep Better Than Women?

Find out why men sleep better than women and which are the most common sleep diseases among the ladies! Then improve your sleep following our 4 simple tips!

6 Minutes That Make the Different!

According to a research by American Academy of Sleep Medicine of Minneapolis the circadian cycles of women is 6 minutes shorter than the male cycle, and this can seriously affects the organism.

Women Are More Subject to Sleep-Diseases

The women who suffer from disease related to sleep are at a higher percentage than men, this is why a shorter and lower-quality sleep has worse effects on women: Depression, insomnia, physical and mental fatigue. These are some of the symptoms of a wrong sleep!

The 3 Female conditions That Can Affect the Sleep

The reason of everything was found in the unique biological conditions that characterized a woman’s life:

  • Menstrual cycle
  • Pregnancy
  • Menopause

During a life the hormonal-levels of a women change affecting the quality of her sleep.

Ladies sleep shorter and worse… but they would need more sleep!

The American researches have found that the female brain needs a longer rest than male one, because of the so many different multi-tasking activities that a woman held during the day!

4 Tips to Learn How To Obtain a Best Sleep!

Few and simple tips can make the difference:

  1. Follow the rules: Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day.
  2. Do some exercises, better if outside, and you release your tensions.
  3. Follow a balanced diet and avoid fat food and caffeine since the late afternoon.
  4. Choose a mattress, a bed-base and a pillow that fits with you and your physical characteristics.

A Better Sleep Will Improve Your Life!

Find out now the mattresses retailer closest to you and start today to improve your life thanks to a quality and healthy sleep!

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