Yin & Yang: The Ancient Eastern Traditions To Sleep Better!

Who has not heard about Yin and Yang? You’ve surely seen that symbol hundreds of times!

Yin & Yang: The Ancient Eastern Traditions To Sleep Better!

Yin and Yang are the opposite and also the complementary to each other: the Yang represents our active part, the light, the energy; on the other side the Yin is the silence, the shadow, and the rest.

Insomnia in Eastern Culture

The balance between these two opposite forces is vital for every human being, as well as the balance between sleep and wakefulness.

For this reason the Eastern philosophy sees behind many sleep problems an imbalance between the Yin and the Yang.

When the “Yang” Takes Over!

That’s right! If we allow problems to frustrate and upset us before going to sleep, the fire of our Yang will continue to burn within us.

Stress, restlessness, and anxiety will not allow us to sleep and the Yin will not be able to carry out its duty and recharge our “batteries” for a new day.

Here You’ll Find Some Tips…

The Eastern philosophies are full of charm and many times useful for solving our problems relating to anxiety and stress.

Some little tricks will help you to be “balanced” throughout the night:

  1. Keep the temperature not too high, your Yin conforms better to a cool bedroom.
  2. Dinner should be a light meal, the digestion is a Yang activity!
  3. No coffee in the evening, the drink that par excellence feeds the Yang within us!
  4. Help yourself with relaxing sounds! Read this article to learn more: How to Stop Thinking so Much When Trying to Sleep? Here 3 Simple Tips
  5. Do stretching exercises or yoga before going to sleep.

Now Relax and… Sleep!

Sleeping time is essential for our physical and mental wellbeing, as Yang needs Yin to exist, in the same way each of us need to rest well to face the new day!

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