Master bedroom bed? Here’s the guide for the best choice!

Have you decided to move in with your partner? Or is it time to buy a new mattress for your main bedroom?

Master bedroom bed? Here’s the guide for the best choice!
Whatever the reason, here are 3 steps to help you choose your ideal mattress!

The essential role of the “right” mattress

Choosing the right mattress is crucial for getting quality sleep and proper rest. The right mattress can mitigate stress, relieve muscle tension, and support the spine by maintaining its natural curve during long hours of sleep.

How to choose the right mattress to sleep well as a couple or alone?

1. Analyze personal needs

Consider your and your partner’s needs because you may prefer or require 2 different types of firmness, i.e., a softer or stiffer mattress.

In fact, those who sleep on their side generally prefer mattresses of medium stiffness, which can relieve the pressure exerted on the shoulders and hips. While those who usually sleep on their back or belly (but remember that this position is not recommended as it does not preserve the natural curve of the spine) may find mattresses with medium or firm support more comfortable as they offer greater support.

Body weight is also a factor to consider when looking for the most suitable mattress. People with a larger build and weight need a stiffer and more sustained mattress, while those with a thinner and fairly light body weight will have the best comfort on a medium or soft mattress.

In short, it’s crucial to find the right balance! For example, by opting for a latest-generation foam mattress, you will have the chance to customize the 2 internal cores with different stiffnesses: one more cozy and the other more firm, both wrapped in a single double cover. It will be nearly impossible to perceive that these are “two mattresses in one”. Fantastic isn’t it?

2. Consider the different types of mattresses

The material of the mattress affects both comfort and durability. The market offers a vast selection of mattresses: mattresses with classic Bonnel springs, more modern pocket springs, or so-called hybrid mattresses, that is, those that offer the support of springs and all the comfort of memory.

And then there are mattresses made of memory foam, natural latex, advanced foam such as soy, Aquatech® or Feel HD, mattresses provided with comfortable pillow tops or anti-mite mattresses made from materials selected specifically for those with allergies.

3. Rely on the experience of skilled retailers

It’s important to try different types of mattresses to determine which model is right for you. After identifying the mattress models you are interested in from the product catalog available on Manifattura Falomo’s website, visit your nearest official store. At the store, a Healthy Sleep expert will listen to your questions and needs to guide you in choosing the bed system that is right for you!

There’s nothing more to say than wish you a new and enjoyable Healthy Sleep!

Remember that a good mattress is essential for a refreshing night’s sleep. In fact, only by sleeping well we can regain the energy we need to stay healthy and face each new day with enthusiasm!

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