The Ultimate Guide To Improve Your Sleep: 3rd Week!

Let’s go on our journey through the healthy sleep! How did the second week go? Is your sleep improved? Do you feel more relaxed?

The Ultimate Guide To Improve Your Sleep: 3rd Week!

Don’t stop now! Read the next 7 tips and improve your sleep!

Week 3: One Tip a day “Keeps the Sleep Away”!

We’re approaching the half-way stage of our journey, let’s start together the last two weeks to get the perfect sleep!

1. Activate Your Diaphragm

Activate Your Diaphragm

Lay down on your bed, put your hand on the stomach to be aware of your diaphragmatic movement, breathe in from the nose and swell up your belly, breathe out  from the mouth and deflate the stomach. This type of breathing is called diaphragmatic breathing.

2. No Distraction!

No Distraction

Sometimes the books may help us to fall asleep, but other times you may stay awake longer because the book you’re reading keep your brain active.

3. Nightly Cuddles…

Nightly Cuddles

The evening is not the ideal time for cuddles, especially for women, who tend to feel particularly full of energy after love.

4. Beware of Most Common Sleep Disorders

Beware of Most Common Sleep Disorders

If after 8 hours sleep you wake up tired, you could be suffering from a sleep disorder. Read this article and learn more about the most common sleep disorders: 7 Tips To Fight the Headache Before Going To Sleep!

5. Everyone Has Its Own “Kennel”

Everyone Has Its Own “Kennel”

We know that you love so much your pet, but it’s not a great idea to share with it your bed: some researches have shown that more than half of people, who usually sleep with their pets, don’t sleep well.

6. Have Your Ever Heard About the “Tired-Leg Syndrome”?

Have Your Ever Heard About the “Tired-Leg Syndrome”?

If during the night you feel the constant urge to move your legs, you could suffer from restless leg syndrome. Talk about it with your doctor.

7. Decorate Your “Sleep Temple”!

Decorate Your “Sleep Temple”!

Make your room a relaxed place, remove all unnecessary objects and make it cozy! Do not forget to choose the right color for the walls. Learn more about in this blog spot: The Colors of a Healthy Sleep: Which Is The Best Color For a Good Rest?

Another Week Is Gone!

Do not miss the next article with the last 7 tips and sleep better every day!

Written by Manifattura Falomo – Marketing Office

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