Bibliotherapy and healthy sleep: do books help us rest better?

Choosing the right book to read is like choosing the right mattress: it has the power to change our lives for the better!

Bibliotherapy and healthy sleep: do books help us rest better?

That’s right, reading the right books can help us live and sleep better. Let’s find out together how!

What is bibliotherapy?

We know that reading a good book before sleep helps us rest better. But not everyone knows about the existence of bibliotherapy. It is a type of therapy that uses an active reading of specific books to achieve personal goals and overcome emotional fragilities and sleep disorders, especially in children.

Is there a link between bibliotherapy and healthy sleep?

Bibliotherapy is undoubtedly an alternative, exciting, and even new path for many, capable of getting us in touch with ourselves through introspection and self-analysis. At the same time, it gives us new helpful knowledge in every area of our lives.

But does bibliotherapy help us sleep better?

Well, yes. In 1999, a study showed how bibliotherapy is a practical approach to treating insomnia, with or without professional guidance.

Bibliotherapy: so many benefits for children, too!

Creating a healthy nighttime routine can often become a challenge for parents and children. But can bibliotherapy help us?

A study conducted in 2015, which aimed to help 9 children aged 5-7 overcome typical night fears, explains this.

The results were surprising! As many as 8 out of 9 children showed positive improvements: anxiety and night fears decreased significantly, while nights spent sleeping in their cribs increased.

Besides the ideal book, choose the ideal mattress!

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