Time to get the kids to bed? Shhh... we’ll give you some practical tips!

For most children, bedtime is the most crucial moment of the day and parents know the words “10 more minutes!” very well. But just follow our practical advice to get your children to bed with no big tears!

Is it time to get your kids to bed? Shhh... we’ll give you some practical tips!

When we talk about sleep disorders, we often forget that they can also affect children, resulting in a real refusal to going to sleep. Setting a regular sleep-wake rhythm will greatly influence their mood, relations with their peers, and school achievement.

Create a healthy evening routine

Adults, but above all children, can benefit from a few simple habits that should be carried out every night before slipping under the covers. An evening routine will help the mind understand that it’s about time to sleep and it could include a warm bath, preparing clothes for the following day and reading a fairy tale.

Switch off electronic devices

Most children enjoy being entertained by TV, tablets, and smartphones for at least a couple of hours a day from. By now we well know that bright screens interfere with the production of melatonin, the hormone that regulates the sleep cycle. Apply the “no screens” rule at least a couple of hours before putting your child to bed.

Get rid of “monsters”

Between ages 2 and 6 (sometimes even beyond), children’s vivid imagination turns into nightmares and fear of darkness. Quickly search the room with your child, place the bed in a “safe” corner of the room and turn a night light on.

Make a delicious but light dinner

Heavy meals are a common cause of insomnia but in the same way, a hungry child can’t sleep well. A light dinner (at least 3 hours before bedtime) with a balanced intake of proteins and carbs is a perfect choice. Some foods that help fight insomnia are cherries, walnuts, bananas, warm milk, lettuce, and honey. Find more information about foods and sleep in our article!

Don’t underestimate homemade remedies

If your child needs extra help in falling asleep, discover in our articles how natural essential oils and a good herbal tea can foster sweet dreams.

Mattresses and pillows for children?

Remember that it’s important for children to always rest well, on a bed system suitable for their physical features and needs!

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