A simple guide to sleep better, starting from tonight!

You have surely already read it dozens of times: in order to sleep well every night you should follow few simple rules. But then, in reality, these rules don’t seem to be so few and neither so simple to stick to in real life.

A simple guide to sleep better, starting from tonight!

But if we could really boil everything to a few simple rules, what would they be? So here’s a guide with 4 simple tips to sleep better starting from tonight!

1. Relax!

Stress has apparently become the ultimate evil of our times, and it’s in part true. If there’s one certain thing, that would be that going to bed with worries and anxieties is a guaranteed shortcut to a sleepless night.

But how can we leave everything behind and relax in bed? Impossible. But you can alleviate your worries which, fortunately, are often much less serious than you believe.

You don’t necessarily have to get into "acrobatic" yoga positions, google ancient oriental mindfulness techniques or spend hours listening to Bach and Mozart, especially if you don’t enjoy classical music.

Choose your favorite music, which can also be very noisy, sing, dance, have a good chat with your bestie, go out for a stroll. The best way to relax and forget about problems is to do what you like!

2. Listen to yourself

There is no perfect formula which fits everyone, but it’s certain that the best way to find your perfect recipe is to listen to your body: if you wake up in the morning feeling already tired, if you’re even more tired in the evening but can’t fall asleep, if you often suffer from even slight ailments like headaches or gastric reflux, then your body is telling you that something’s wrong.

So try to "adjust" your habits. How’s your diet? Is it more or less balanced or would it need some improvement?

Do you exercise enough? What if you started using your car less from tomorrow?

Ask your doctor for advice and remember that it often takes very little to change your life for the better!

3. Think your choices through

Being able to rest properly every night is not a goal that can be reached in a short time, not even by exactly following all the best tips in the world. Every choice we make throughout the day affects our body: how many coffees have you already drunk today? Did you take a nap after lunch? How many times did you get up to stretch your legs a bit around the office? What did you have for lunch?

There is no need to go round the twist with strict food choices or extremely healthy lifestyles: we all well know the simple guidelines that should help us choose the best for our well-being.

4. Choose well

We are certain that before purchasing your latest smartphone or a new car, you long thought about which could have been the best choice for you.

You've heard it millions of times, but what seems to be the most trivial advice is one of the most important: choose well and carefully all the components of your bed system!

If the mattress, bed base or pillow on which you lie down and spend a third of your entire life doesn’t suit you physical characteristics, it doesn’t take much effort to realize that the consequences on your wellness, as well as on the quality of your rest, will be noteworthy.

Follow our 4 simple but effective tips and you will notice your rest improving!

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