4 excellent reasons why we should sleep naked!

According to a study published by the American Academy Sleep Medicine, the decision to use clothing during sleep isn’t that much of a great idea.

4 excellent reasons why we should sleep naked!

To pay the price is not only the quality of our rest but also our health! Discover why sleeping naked is good for your rest, physical well-being and also for your waistline!

Italians love PJs!

According to a survey conducted by the company Cotton USA on 5,000 Italian volunteers, and on as many Germans and British, the inhabitants of the "Bel Paese" are number one in terms of use of pajamas: based on the survey Italians own about 7 pajamas each against 3 belonging to Brits and Germans.

There are even more incredible results compared to those overseas with 13% of men wearing PJs in bed preferring only underwear or total nude!

4 good reasons to leave your beloved pajamas in the closet!

But what are the reasons that push scientists of the American Academy Sleep Foundation to say that sleeping without pajamas is better? Here are the most interesting 4!

1. To sleep better!

The first and most important of all motivations is related to physical health during hours of rest. In fact, during sleep the temperature of our body naturally lowers. This is necessary for our organism to regulate the circadian rhythm and therefore "correctly" set the sleep-wake cycle. If we dress heavily over the night, we risk heating up our body too much and altering this natural rhythm.

2. To stay fit

If on one hand our body cools down during rest, on the other our metabolism has to work harder to keep a constant internal temperature. This requires it to stay more active and burn more calories!

3. To allow our body to “breathe”

In addition to altering body temperature, wearing PJs at night can also interfere with normal body perspiration: if you really don’t want to give up wearing something at night, choose underclothes and pajamas made entirely of natural fabric such as cotton, white and without applications or prints made of acrylic materials.

4. To feel less stressed

Already back in 2009 Dr. Kerstin Moberg presented some interesting results in this regard: according to his research, sleeping naked stimulates the release of oxytocin, the so-called "love hormone", which among its many benefits, also allows relaxation.

Try sleeping without pajamas tonight!

Remember that this rule doesn’t apply only for summer, when giving up pajamas seems to be an easy choice: your bedroom’s temperature should be around 18-20°C also in winter. 

Are you ready to say goodbye to your pajamas?

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