Pay Attention To These 4 Symptoms: Do You Suffer From a Sleep Disorder?

Are you sure of having an healthy sleep every night? Or without knowing it are you suffering from one of these sleep disorders?

Pay Attention To These 4 Symptoms: Do You Suffer From a Sleep Disorder?

Pay attention to these 4 warning signs! They could be a symptom of a sleep disorder.

1. You Are Always Tired

Do you Sleep 8 hours every night but do you feel tired? Do you wake up dazed and sleepy?

After 8 hours of sleep you should weak up full of energy. Instead if you’re still sleepy probably there is something wrong in your rest that that prevent you to sleep deeply: Lights, noises, stress, an unsuitable bed system, etc...

2. You Snore Noisily

Does your partner say that you snore like a freight train? 

Snoring is caused by an obstruction of the respiratory ways, so it can happen to everyone from time to time snoring at night, perhaps for a simple cold. However, if it happens frequently you should talk to your doctor to understand the causes: It could be a symptom of sleep apnea, a widespread and dangerous disease that blocks the airways and can make more difficult to you breathing during the sleep.

3. Unexpected Sleep Attacks

Do you ever happen to suddenly fall asleep during the day?

It can happen to everyone to feel very tired sometimes, and so to need an extra-nap; but if it happens often to fall asleep, you should speak now with your doctor! Stress and depression can cause narcoleptic problems.

Sleep Is Not Your Unique Problem?

Do you suffer from another disease or symptoms that keep you awake? 

There are other disease that have as side effect a bad sleep and don’t let you fall asleep. People that suffers from depression, headaches or chronic pain need a long time to fall asleep: the insomnia is a widespread pathology, do not underestimate it!

Our Best Tip!

Considering that these problems may influence and amplify one another, you should attach importance to your sleep problems and speak as soon as possible to your doctor.

4. How Much Sleep Do You Really Need?

We know that sleep affects the quality of our day, and then the quality of our life.

It’s imperative to sleep on a high-quality bed system, made of the right combination of mattress, pillow and bed base that fits your physical characteristics to guarantee you every night the best rest. Do not forget that you spend a third of your life sleeping!

What Are You Waiting For?

Find out now the bed specialist closest to you and fight the insomnia symptoms: “sleep is better that cure”! 

Written by Manifattura Falomo – Marketing Office

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